Our passion for art

At Silverglint we push creativity to the next level 

And our challenges are our milestones

The Diddlys is a brand new children's animated TV series, that brings fresh and exciting content to each episode. 

Follow the journeys of our two steam-powered superheroes - Diddly Dee and Diddly Dum along with Charlie, their trusted station master, and a wide range of wonderful characters!  Together, they battle untold rescue missions... and win!

"No job is too tough, no distance too far" It's full steam ahead for The Diddlys.

The Diddlys  


Collide Mobile

The multiplayer game, Kingdoms Collide Mobile is a Real-time strategy game set up in a medieval/fantasy world where you create your own heroes and minions to fight and protect your Kingdom.
And by using unique abilities and choosing the path for your new recruits you can unleash unique blows that will make each battle a real adventure.